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Hi Rutger,
I came across your demos of the JX10 on youtube. Excellent work! Please give us more demos of the JX10. I’m very interested in how did you get the arp pattern on ArpFunk? Is it from the JX10, or did you program it yourself? I have the JX10 with PG800 and the Vecoven OS upgrade with the new arp in. How can i get the exact pattern that you used on the demo? Is it a set pattern or used from a VST?
Regards from a sunny South Africa.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your mail! It’s been a while, but I think I used the arpeggio function of the Kurzweil K2500 to create the pattern (you can play it’s keyboard to create a pattern, live input, not step input). I’ll look if I can find the MIDI pattern for you.
I haven’t got the Vecoven update, but the Colin Fraser update, which adds better sysex control to the JX-10. Vecoven has more functionality, but I’ll stick to the Colin Fraser version, because I created sysex control (virtual PG-800) into Logic Pro X, which works fine for me.
Well, today the weather wasn’t too bad here in the Netherlands. Tomorrow unfortunately a lot cooler again…. I envy you 🙂

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