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  1. hi rutger, i just purchased a roland S-550, its on its way im sure theres no disks to it but i have a S-50 and all the roland S-50 disks… will they work in the S-550?

    • Hi Maria,
      Congrats! I just checked it out, wasn’t sure if you had to convert them first using the built-in converter, but you can load them directly. I tested it with the RSB-50 library, no problems whatsoever.
      As a S-550 owner you probably know the Sgroup site, but just in case you’re not familiar with it: you can download the system software of all Roland samplers there and most of the Roland sound library disks.

      Have fun!


  2. Hey there Rutger,

    Where can I get copies of the S550 L503-L509 series samples? I’m after the Gagaku sounds in particular.

    Thanks & regards,


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