Hi there, thank you for visiting my site! If you already clicked on some pages and/or posts, you probably noticed that this site is about music and music production.

In 1987, I was 11 years old, Santa gave me my first keyboard. It was a low budget Casio keyboard, but it had a very simple sequencer onboard which allowed you to record your own efforts. From that moment on I knew I wanted to create my own music and my dream was to have a recording studio….

Logo 88

This was my studio logo in ’88 🙂

Ten years later, I went to the Rotterdam Conservatory to study keyboards/music production. The first couple of years I was more into piano/keyboard playing than sequencing/studio technique (the main subjects), but after an chronical injury (focal dystonia), due to studying too long, I had to choose the latter.

Around that time, my neighbour, who was a radio reporter, asked me if I could write some background music for his reports. He said that it was difficult finding the right music for that, because most of the stock music they had was too bombastic, too noisy. I wrote a couple of tracks and he liked it. Since then I focus on making music for media and the resulting music library has been used often on Dutch national radio and TV, to this day.


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  1. Hi Rutger!

    Is it possible to use the Sampler Crunch Library with other IR Players besides Spacedesigner?
    F.e. Waves IR or Abletons IR Player?

    … and … I‘m pretty much interested in the way you took the IRs since I have some fine old gear I‘d like to take IRs from.
    The only solutions I found for making IRs of gear other than reverbs and spaces was a App that comes with Nebula from Acoustica Audio.
    But … its just for PC users and I don‘t like working on PCs.

    A small hint may be enough. I don‘t want to steal your know how or anything like that, nor do I want start commercial use with my IR ideas.

    I know a little about making IRs .. and I do have lotsa spikes and impulses for making IRs of spaces.
    But … it seems one needs other sweeps to make IRs from machines like samplers or even synthesizer audio paths..

    Maybe you can help?

    thx n cheers,

    • Hi STeF,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, you can use the Sampler Crunch Library with other IR players, both the Space Designer and REVerence packages include the IR’s in wave format.
      The IR’s were captured with Apple’s Impulse Response Utility. Capturing samplers isn’t as straightforward as real-time units like reverbs or EQ’s, there’s a little workaround needed. If you record a sweep in real-time going through a sampler, you would just record the monitor output, bypassing the converters. When the sampling memory is very limited (most 80-ties 12 bit samplers), it gets even more complicated! Well, you won’t get more hints 😉

      • Hi again and thx for reply.

        .. ok. I see, I see.
        Will have a closer look @ that utility.

        Aaand .. I think it‘s good (for me) that some gear just doesn‘t use or need memory.

        But concerning Sampler IRs .. I‘ll take yours ; )


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