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Sampler Crunch impulse library expanded

The Sampler Crunch impulse response library has been expanded! I’ve added the Akai S1100 and the E-mu E4XT Ultra. The S1100 is the updated version of the S1000, but altogether it’s a completely different machine, redesigned from the ground up. This results in a cleaner sounding sampler with brilliant top-end. This has been captured in the impulse responses. The E-mu E4XT Ultra sampler has very fat lows and mids, great for hip-hop! These two machines complement each other nicely!

The samplers have been captured at different sample rates and input level settings, mono and stereo. Both samplers have built-in effect processors, these effects (reverb and delay) have been captured as IR’s as well. The effect IR’s from the E4XT Ultra are from the optional RFX-32 effects board.

The other sampler IR’s are captured from:

  • Akai S950
  • Akai S1000
  • Ensoniq EPS16+
  • Roland S-550
  • Roland S-750
  • Yamaha TX16W

You can order the Sampler Crunch impulse response library here.

The Akai S1100 16 bit sampler

The E-mu E4XT Ultra 16 bit sampler