Roland L-CD1 disk image


For all you diehard Roland S-550 sampler fans, here’s a disk image (nero .nrg format) of the hard to find L-CD1 CD-ROM. On this 32 year old disc you’ll find the (to my knowledge) complete Roland factory library for the S-550. Despite the fact that it’s ancient, some of the sounds are still very useful. You can also load this CD-ROM into NI Kontakt!!


If you’re interested in vintage samplers, you may like this: The Sampler Crunch impulse response library contains impulse responses of 10 vintage samplers, including the Akai S950/S1000/S1100 and Roland S-550/S-750. These can be loaded in convolution based plug-ins, like Logic Pro’s Space Designer, Steinberg’s REVerence, Altiverb, etc… It powers your DAW with the classic sound of 8, 12 and 16 bit hardware samplers.