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hi rutger, i just purchased a roland S-550, its on its way im sure theres no disks to it but i have a S-50 and all the roland S-50 disks… will they work in the S-550?

Hi Maria,
Congrats! I just checked it out, wasn’t sure if you had to convert them first using the built-in converter, but you can load them directly. I tested it with the RSB-50 library, no problems whatsoever.
As a S-550 owner you probably know the Sgroup site, but just in case you’re not familiar with it: you can download the system software of all Roland samplers there and most of the Roland sound library disks.

Have fun!


Hey there Rutger,

Where can I get copies of the S550 L503-L509 series samples? I’m after the Gagaku sounds in particular.

Thanks & regards,


I found this video on your Sampler Crunch pack and they say:

“In this video i run through some of the IRs to illustrate how they sound in use, mainly using the Space Designer plugin in Logic Pro X as the IRs were finely tuned Rutger and gain compensated for this plugin, whereas the raw IR wav files have not had this treatment.”

Is this true? What changes were made to the Designer implementation to fine-tune it? I will be using the WAV files for Ableton and wanted to know what extra processing they may need. Thanks!

Hi Giorgio, thanks for your comment! Some of the IR’s were a bit louder then others (due to the convolution process). For the Space Designer and REVerence presets I adjusted the output levels to match them. That’s the only thing, the IR’s are the same.

I have Roland-format iso files that can be opened and loaded ONE PATCH AT A TIME! into MachFive. I have the latest UVI and Kontakt and DIgital Perform. Do you have anything that will batch convert all the patches in the iso into usable format for a modern sample player like Kontakt or something? (I cannot convert one at a time – I will not live that long! 😉

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