Juno-60 Sample Pack

The Juno-60 Sample Pack for Logic Pro’s Sampler/ EXS24 captures the soul of the famous and iconic Roland Juno-60. This is the biggest library commercially available dedicated to this great synth.

135 multi sampled sounds (over 2,500 individual samples), 583 presets, over 2 GB in size and recorded at 24 bit/44,1 kHz with top quality recording gear.

The sounds range from fat, punchy basses, funky clavinets, brass and lead sounds, lush strings and pads and much, much more. Also included are the Basic Waveforms (Saw, Square and PWM’s), with and without the built-in chorus. You can use those as building blocks for your own sounds.

As an extra (not to be found in other libraries) we’ve made a lot of patches with the hidden function of the Juno-60, the monophonic mode. In this mode all six oscillators are stacked into one voice, so you’ll get a pretty monstrous mono synth!

Every sound has a couple of variations with different real time control filter settings and we’ve made use of Logic Pro X’ smart control functions, the most used parameters can be controlled from there. For extra ease of use we’ve added a couple of preset channel strip settings to make your life easier!

As a bonus I’ve added all the presets from the classic Roland SRV-2000 reverb unit that was released in 1985 as Impulse Responses for Logic’s Space Designer plug-in, so you can add a touch of vintage reverb to this great sample pack!

Please take a listen to the demo tracks. All sounds are from the sample pack, not treated with effect, except a bit of reverb from the SRV-2000 impulse response pack.

If you don’t work with Logic Pro, you really should download the TX16Wx freeware plug-in from CWTEC. It perfectly loads the Sampler/EXS24 files of this library in any DAW!

Juno-60 Sample Pack
Juno-60 Sample Pack
Roland Juno-60 EXS24 Sample Pack


You will immediately receive the download link by e-mail after you’ve completed the Paypal transaction. If you don’t see the mail in your mailbox, please check your spam/junk box. Stil no mail? Please send me an e-mail and I will send the download link as soon as possible.

Free Demo Pack!!

This demo pack contains 5 sounds from the Juno-60 Sample Pack, but with a limited keyboard range of 2 octaves. Click here to download.


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