Roland RD-1000 Sample Pack

This library contains the 8 original factory presets of the RD-1000/MKS-20 plus 4 presets with the build-in analog chorus (2.640 individual samples, 6,8 GB). Every preset has been multi-sampled (steps of minor thirds) and velocity-sampled (up to 10 velocity layers), so the vast dynamic range of the RD-1000 has been preserved. All the samples have been recorded at 24 bit/44,1 kHz.

The factory presets are:
– Piano 1
– Piano 2
– Piano 3
– Harpsichord
– Clavinet
– Vibraphone
– Electric Piano 1
– Electric Piano 2

The presets with original chorus are:
– Clavinet chorus
– Vibraphone chorus
– Electric Piano 1 chorus
– Electric Piano 2 chorus

As a bonus I’ve added all the presets from the classic Roland SRV-2000 reverb unit as Impulse Responses for Logic’s Space Designer or Steinberg REVerence plug-ins, as well as IR’s from the Roland Cube-60 keyboard amp (dry and with the built-in spring reverb at different reverb levels), so you can add a touch of vintage reverb and amped sound to this great sample pack!


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Logic Sampler/EXS24 format

Roland RD-1000 EXS24 Sample Pack
Roland RD-1000 EXS24 Sample Pack
Roland RD-1000 EXS24 Sample Pack

Steinberg HALion format

Roland RD-1000 Halion Sample Pack
Roland RD-1000 Halion Sample Pack
Roland RD-1000 HALion Sample Pack

RD-1000 sample pack demo. All sounds (except drums) are from the RD-1000 sample pack:

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