Sampler Crunch

Do you want to get the sound of those classic samplers in your DAW? The Sampler Crunch Impulse Response library turns Logic’s Space Designer or Steinberg REVerence (and other convolution plug-ins that can import wav files) into lo-fi sound generators. I have captured the sound of ten classic old school hardware samplers at different sample rates and input levels.
The samplers are the:

– Akai S950 (48 different settings)
– Akai S1000 (12 different settings) 
– Akai S1100 (16 different settings plus 30 effect IR’s)
– Casio SK-200 (2 different settings)
– Casio SK-2100 (2 different settings)
– E-mu E4XT Ultra (12 different settings plus 40 effect IR’s)
– Ensoniq EPS16+ (14 different settings plus 9 effect IR’s)
– Roland S-550 (6 different settings)
– Roland S-750 (16 different settings)
– Yamaha TX16W (18 different settings)

The effects range from very lo-fi 8 bit/10kHz and 12 bit/6kHz sampling frequencies to vintage more or less clean 16 bit/48kHz stereo hi-fi.

Both libraries (Space Designer and REVerence) also contain all the impulse responses as WAV files for other convolution plug-ins.


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Sampler Crunch for Logic Space Designer

Sampler Crunch for Space Designer
Sampler Crunch for Space Designer
Sampler Crunch IR library for Space Designer

Sampler Crunch for Steinberg REVerence

Sampler Crunch for REVerence
Sampler Crunch for REVerence
Sampler Crunch IR library for REVerence

User reviews:

‘I still own several of these older samplers and your IR’s are dead on. I can confirm that they sound so close as to be identical with the original outputs.’ – DJBuddhaBear on KVR Forum

‘quite an effective method to get very close to that classic sound’ – Sound Signals Youtube user review


The IR’s work great on almost all tracks/ instruments, but outshine on drum loops! It’s very easy to get that classic, golden area of hiphop sound (esp. with the S950 lower rate settings). Here are some examples:

Acoustic drumloop

808 drumloop

Real S950 vs IR S950

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