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Sampler Crunch impulse library expanded

The Sampler Crunch impulse response library has been expanded! I’ve added the Akai S1100 and the E-mu E4XT Ultra. The S1100 is the updated version of the S1000, but altogether it’s a completely different machine, redesigned from the ground up. This results in a cleaner sounding sampler with brilliant top-end. This has been captured in the impulse responses. The E-mu E4XT Ultra sampler has very fat lows and mids, great for hip-hop! These two machines complement each other nicely!

The samplers have been captured at different sample rates and input level settings, mono and stereo. Both samplers have built-in effect processors, these effects (reverb and delay) have been captured as IR’s as well. The effect IR’s from the E4XT Ultra are from the optional RFX-32 effects board.

The other sampler IR’s are captured from:

  • Akai S950
  • Akai S1000
  • Ensoniq EPS16+
  • Roland S-550
  • Roland S-750
  • Yamaha TX16W

You can order the Sampler Crunch impulse response library here.

The Akai S1100 16 bit sampler

The E-mu E4XT Ultra 16 bit sampler

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The Roland Juno-60 Sample Pack

Juno-60 cover pic

Last year I spend a lot of time making this sample library of the legendary Roland Juno-60 analog synth. And now it’s ready! Over 2 GB in size, more than 2,500 individual samples, 135 multi-sampled sounds and 583 presets. It’s the largest commercially available library of the Juno-60 there is.

The sounds range from fat, punchy basses, funky clavinets, brass and lead sounds, lush strings and pads and much, much more. Also included are the Basic Waveforms (Saw, Square and PWM’s), with and without the built-in chorus. You can use those as building blocks for your own sounds. As opposed to some digital emulations the high end doesn’t suffer from aliasing when chords are played and the low end has that real analog fullness.

The most used parameters from the EXS24 (filter, envelope) can be real time controlled with the pre-configured Smart Controls (in Logic Pro X).

All sounds are recorded with the same high-end quality gear ( Radial DI, Crane Song Spider mic-pre and A/D conversion, Mogami cables)

For more information and demo’s please click here